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Energy Saving - our concept

Telecomunicazioni Elettroniche Milano (TEM) is one of the finest signal transmission companies in the world. The entity is run by a team of radio communications professionals and due to the workforce’s sound business ethics the company has transpired as a behemoth in broadcast equipment manufacturing.

TEM puts at disposal more and more performing  equipment by  optimizing power consumption and by intelligent solutions for control of your transmitting systems.

The electricity price is high. Waiting for alternative solutions that provide electricity at lower cost, TEM developed new generation of Transmitters, called ECOLINE, to play a key role and optimize the efficiency of the energy management.

Being one of TEM mainstay products, the Eco-line transmitters feature a combination of a machine that is ultra-high in efficiency, comes with high reliability, as well as high energy saving features. The transmitters are microprocessor controlled from the setting, protection and telemetry. Such a technology means that any TEM manufactured equipment is intelligent. 

The Eco-line transmitters have a design that is more compact; this helps to save on space in the transmitting word as well as cut cost of equipment's. Some of the features embedded into the device include the RDS and Stereo encoder, a timer that used for PWR reduction, automatic audio changeover, and remote control capability via GSM and web interface. 

Some of the things that make TEM products top notch in the market is the fact that the equipment operates with high level of efficiency while at the save time conserving energy. This feature is also part of TEM corporate initiatives of a greener ecosystem. TEM Transmitters are produced with no hazardous substances; mechanical racks are made in aluminum to guarantee a better recycling and durability. The packaging are in the total respect of international rules.

TEM transmitter series are also durable and easy to maintain thanks to LDMOS technology involved in their manufacture and this is the main reasons TEM products are popular in the market.

We would like to point out that thanks to the replacement of certain hardware devices  (old generation Transmitters – not only tube but even solid state)  the energy consumption reduction is so important that your investment cost is equal to zero. We TEM therefore propose the right solutions at all broadcasters whom decide to start an optimization process  of their broadcasting facilities. 

eco-line transmitters

Energy saving is a concrete investment opportunity and, overall, a duty towards the environment. We TEM provide our small but important contribution. Maximum energy efficiency in production process is only possible if all of the components interact perfectly with one another.

The technical solutions adopted by TEM engineers are focused to assure that goal.

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