We TEM provide a wide range of RF systems and RF components for FM & TV transmission such as Filters, Cavities, Combiners. And also all necessary accessories (coaxial cables, connectors and adaptors, dehydrators, U-Links, motorized coaxial relays, waveguides and flanges, UPS and AVR) in order to realize complete transmitting systems and assure complete customer needs. We TEM provide antenna systems solutions and coverage studios, essential for the correct realization of Radio and Tv stations.

Telecomunicazioni Elettroniche Milano (TEM) is an Italian Broadcasting Transmitter manufacturer. The company was established way back in 1977 by experts from radio and television transmission, and today the company has risen to become one of the key transmission partners providing international broadcasting equipment.

When the company commenced their operations in 1978, they began by producing FM transmitters that operated on 20W to 10KW range. During the same period, they also started to produce television transmitters. The company’s first microwave link was installed in 1981 and since then the company has managed to install successfully over 10,000 microwave systems across the globe. 

The company has been rapidly expanding a factor buoyed by the rising demand for transmission equipment’s just after the Second World War and the global appetite for television and radio entertainments arising from the burgeoning middle class.

The company has invested in full fledge research divisions and they have employed some of the world’s finest electronic engineers. TEM has rapidly expanded its product portfolio and it is today producing different transmission equipment including;

Radio FM transmitters 

These products include Opera Plus family and Blue Star Family. These families of FM transmitters can attain Frequency Modulation transmission range of between 20W-40kW. The products come engineered with an LD-MOS solid state configuration. The transmitters can also be controlled by a remote device or through a Web Server Interface.

Television Systems

The company also produces a product line-up of television transmission systems that support both analog and digital broadcasting. The products come with a range of 1W to 10kW. Key features for the television transmission systems include Doherty technology and Adaptive Pre-correction mechanism that is available in both the digital and analog system. The transmitters can also be fully remote controlled from a web server interface. 

Microwave systems 

The products available include both the indoor and outdoor versions. The systems developed by the company come with a range of 2-23GHz, and they can support both audio/video and data transmission capability as well. Due to the systems long transmission range they are used in multi-hop networks. 

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