Broadcasting antenna systems

Several antenna system models and related accessories such as feeder cable, grounding kit, clamps, dehydrator, and others are available for Radio, TV and Microwave applications. On request, we TEM can also provide coverage studios, essential for the correct realization of Radio and Tv stations.

Radio communications, as well as broadcasting services, play a crucial role in the transmission of information from one place to another. For broadcasting and telecommunication services to work, antenna systems including towers, masts, and other supporting structures are required. This is why our company has indulged in the production of high quality and durable antenna systems. The antenna systems are composed of an antenna and supporting structures commonly referred to as an antenna tower. Though antenna systems are produced by many companies around the world, the ones made by TEM are special and outstanding from other antennas because of the way they are manufactured and the features that the come with .

Antennas are specially manufactured with a significant degree of flexibility for them to be easily placed on the tower or building. This flexibility not only helps in the achievement of acceptable coverage for the service area but also helps in overcoming technical limitations and enhances safety measures.

Our antenna systems are varied to suit a wide range of customers for both analog and digital transmission. In fact we also manufacture several antenna models and the related accessories. Examples of the accessories include grounding kit, feeder cable, dehydrators, and clamps. These accessories are available for microwave, TV and Radio applications. Our highly reputable company also manufactures various antennas. These antennas include Radio antennas, TV antennas, Studio Transmitter Link (STL) antennas as well as antenna projects.

Ever since we began the production of broadcasting antenna systems, our customers have always been happy and enjoy our services and products to the fullest. This has enabled us to expand our supply of the goods and services across the five continents in the world. You are also encouraged to come and join our endless list of customers and be rest assured that you will live to enjoy and cherish our products and services.

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