RF Dummy Load

RF Dummy loads are offered with impedance values of 50 Ohm and are available in N, 7/16, 7/8, 1+5/8, 3+1/8” connector types. Suitable solution for any 1+1 and N+1 installations. Feel free to ask for any further different models.

The dummy loads are used in the stimulation of electric loads normally for the purpose of testing. Our products are used in radios as dummy antennas that are connected to the output of the radio transmitter and simulate electrically the antenna. The simulation greatly allows the transmitter to be tested and adjusted without causing radio wave radiations.

Our electronic loads are used in many applications, especially for the test of batteries, power supplies, solar and fuel cells and generators. AC loads are used in the testing of transformers, onboard power supplies or uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). The equipment and power spectrum of these electronic loads start with simplest circuits comprising generally of a potentiometer for setting current and a transistor circuit used for power transforming. We have further developed electronic loads that supply several operating modes, mostly constant resistance, current, voltage and power. The equipment is designed by our company in such a way that it may be controlled remotely by a PC or by a PLC. The settings and measured values of our RF dummy loads are such that actual load current and the input voltage are indicated on a display.

Our RF dummy loads can also be used in audio systems by being connected to the output of an amplifier so that it can electrically simulate a loudspeaker. This allows the amplifier to be tested. The testing does not produce sounds hence proves very efficient and effective.

Our company manufactures different types of dummy loads to meet the needs of diverse customers. We have the 600W, 1000W, 2500W, 5000W and 10000W RF dummy loads. The diverse types enable a customer to choose from depending with his needs.

In case you need a dummy load for power supplies, then we are the solution to your problem. We have specially made dummy loads referred to as the load banks. These loads are used for factory and in-service testing of many types of standby generators. The load bank helps in stabilizing a power system in case the load is lost. The frequency ratings for our coaxial dummy loads range from DC to 50 GHZ. Additionally, the loads are available in male to female, male, jack, female and plug genders.

We offer exceptional technical support and customer service to all our customers including the RF terminators customers.

Since the radio energy that is absorbed by RF dummy load is converted to heat, we design our dummy loads in a way that they can withstand the high amount of power that can be delivered by the transmitter. Most of our clients prefer our RF dummy loads because they also provide standing wave ratio of 1:1 which is the standard SWR ratio recommended at any given impedance.

The cooling of our dummy loads is cheap as just an ordinary veterinarian grade mineral oil is enough to cool these loads. However, there are special coolants that are issued with our RF dummy loads in case you do not prefer the use of veterinarian mineral oil.

Come and join our customers because we TEM (Telecomunicazioni Elettroniche Milano) have put quality as a priority in order to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

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