RF Changeover Equipment

For radio and broadcasting applications. They can be easily installed on any patch-panel for a safe and easy accessibility. Fully broadband range.  Suitable solution for any 1+1 and N+1 installations.

The motorized RF switches have been made in such a way that the moving contacts are actuated under the influence of a magnetic field. This magnetic field is produced by a coil through which an electric current passes. The switches are automatically operated and can be used in different situations depending with their designs. For instance, they can be used for the control of machine motions. Such motions include the indication that the garage door has reached its maximum opening position.

You may wonder why our products are the best in the market. The reason behind it is that our switches have the capability to handle high electric power. Additionally, these switches have the longest operating life ever known. The switches can work for an infinite number of years and hence purchasing one means a lifetime use and no need to buy any other RF Motorized Switch. This significantly saves on costs. Additionally, the RF Switches do not leak videos like other switches. This helps in ensuring that high-quality transmission of visual contents is upheld.

The switches are also designed with the highest switching speeds that make them the number one choice for customers. The customers have appreciated the unique design of the RF switches hence making it their priority when it comes to purchasing these devices. Our switches are also special in the sense that they are remotely controlled. This is mainly the case with large switches operated through the motor drive mechanism.

We provide a broad range of RF Motorized switches to cater for the needs of our customers. We have N, 7/16", 7/8", 1+5/8’’ and 3+1/8” RF motorized switches. The switches are suitable for both broadcasting and radio applications. Various mechanisms can operate our switches. For instance, there are those operated by process variables such as temperature, pressure, voltage, flow of current and force. The extensive operation variables enable the switches to act as sensors in a process and thereby used to control automatically a given system. Based on the operation variables, we have relays (a switch controlled by another electric current), thermostats (a switch used to control the heating process) and so on. We also manufacture switches that can isolate electric power from a system hence providing a clear isolation point that can be pad-locked when dimmed necessary. Buy our RF Motorized switches and you will appreciate the value for your money.

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