FM Transmitters & Radio Equipment

Opera plus  FM Transmitters want to satisfy all your broadcast needs, combining audio quality, ultra high efficiency, high reliability and lowest energy consumption. LD-MOS Technology, from 10W to 30 KW. Remote connectivity by GSM and TCP/IP Webserver.

Telecomunicazioni Elettroniche Milano –TEM has carried the cup of international broadcasting ever since 1977. Its reputation in the field of broadcasting is anchored upon pillars of customer care, homogeneity, affordability and reliability.

TEM is located in Binasco, Italy and over the years it has been creating legacy in the broadcasting field courtesy of its team of specialists. Presently, TEM holds indispensable place in the manufacture of various electrical devices and gadgets such as microwaves, TVs and radios. Their technology has actually grown and now stands as the best in the market. This can solely be attributed to the dedication of their team of veterans in radio communication.

FM transmitters since 1978

The first FM transmitters were produced by TEM in 1978. Today, output power of the transmission has moved up from 10W to 30kW. One fundamental feature of the transmitters is that they are entirely solid and redundantly configured so as to facilitate remote control via RS485, RS232 and even LAN ports. This feature offers a wide scope of flexibility and configuration options of several connection interfaces.

Another important feature is that FM transmitters manufactured by TEM come fully fitted with LD-MOS Technology. The overall impact created by this is the heating up of penetration power. A lot of energy saving is achieved because the heating time is drastically reduced.

Opera Plus offers a number of built in functions and innovative features that can eliminate the additional cost and space requirements of external equipment as Automatic audio inputs switch (Audio changeover), Stereo encoder, RDS encoder, I/O parallel board (for TC-TS remote control and N+1 system), GSM telemetry via SMS, WEB server , SMTP and SNMP Interface communication board.Opera plus uses wide input range  AC-DC Switching mode power supplies with PFC and their efficiency is up to 95%. The power supplies are protected against short circuit, overload, overvoltage and over temperature.

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