Opera plus FM Transmitters - ECOLINE SERIES

This new series combines ultra high efficiency, high reliability and low energy consumption in compact rack configurations. Several built in functions and innovative features that can eliminate the additional cost and space requirements of external equipment as automatic audio inputs Switch, Embedded Stereo encoder, Embedded RDS encoder, I/O parallel board, Remote connectivity by GSM and TCP/IP Webserver.

Media firms and organizations in the telecommunications sector seeking high quality broadcast equipment should check out products from TEM Company of Italy. One of the products on their inventory is the Opera Plus FM Transmitter. This particular transmitter is from the Ecoline series; a new series of transmitters that are very reliable, extremely efficient and have low energy consumption.

The Opera Plus FM transmitter comes with a number of innovative features and functions. These include a more compact design that helps save on precious space in the transmitting site while cutting cost of equipment. Most external equipment is eliminated due to embeds. Stereo encoder, RDS encoder, Timer for pwr reduction, Remote control facilities and overall automatic audio Changeover,  are all embedded onto this transmitter.

The Opera Plus FM Transmitter series cover all RF power levels from 50W up to 30kW in many kinds of configuration such as Stand Alone, Dual Driver, 1+1, N+1.  

  • Opera Plus 50-100-300-500W FM Transmitters are designed in 1 unit 19” rack
  • Opera Plus 1000-2000W FM Transmitters are designed in 3 units 19” rack
  • Opera Plus 3000-4000-5000W FM Transmitters are designed in 7 units 19” rack
  • Opera Plus 10KW-15KW FM Transmitters are designed in 28/32 units 19” rack

The Opera Plus FM Transmitters use a modular audio input structure supporting  both analog and AES-EBU audio inputs, meaning you can opt for your transmitter to come equipped with analog inputs,  AES-EBU input, or a mix: analog (Left and Right) + AES-EBU audio inputs. Available options: Stereo encoder built in, miniRDS module, GSM and/or TCPIP module, Audio IP Streaming decoder.

The Opera Plus FM Transmitters are fully equipped with unbalanced MPX/SCA and balanced audio inputs as standard. MPX/SCA  Inputs can be used for a complete MPX/composite signal, or to feed the transmitter with RDS or other subcarriers.

All RF amplifiers stages are 100% LD MOS solid state, based on 6th Generation LD-MOS technology, providing high thermal stability, simple biasing and lower power supply currents. Guaranteed efficiency: > 85%.

All RF Power Amplifiers are broadband requiring no tuning at all. They are designed for extremely high MTBF for maximum on-air reliability and are fully protected against overheating, VSWR.

Our R & D reserves high attention to the heating dissipation through the use of copper carriers and special aluminum radiators, guaranteeing a low junction temperature and a delta T between the room and heatsink  temperature less than 25 °C.

The Opera Plus FM Transmitters use wide input range AC-DC Switching mode power supplies with PFC and their efficiency is UP to 95%. The power supplies are protected against short circuit, overload, overvoltage and over temperature.

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