Designed to transport audio and video signals from the studio to the transmission sites maintaining high quality. For Analog and Digital communications in  the ranges from 200 MHz to 23 GHz, indoor and outdoor applications. Ideally suited for long and multi-hops network.


Devices used to Provide and Broadcast Audio and Video Signals

At TEM Company, Italy, customers can find a wide variety of link devices for radio, television and other forms of communication. The STL Link is ideally designed and produced to transmit high quality video and audio signal from studio to receiver devices. The communications broadcast equipment allows for both digital as well as analog formats with a range of up to 23GHz. The STL relay system is versatile and can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor transmission. The following link devices are available from TEM for purposes of signal transmission from radio and TV studios.

STL Radio Link UHF

The STL radio link UHF is an analog stereo device that functions as both an encoder and decoder. It comes with an RF and IF input monitor with a digital input and output card. Below are some of the major features of this analog stereo encoder/decoder.

Essential features of the STL radio link UHF:

  • It comes with a high range UHF band
  • It is very simple to use and easy to program
  • Can use power from the mains as well as a 24/12 volt external battery
  • Features an easy to use LCD
  • It is very stable even at high frequencies
  • Comes with low noise and low distortion features


STL Studio Link

This is an analog stereo encoder and decoder that comes with an RF and IF monitor with a digital input and output card. Here are the main features of this studio link encoder/decoder.

Important features of the STL Studio Link:

  • A clear LCD display unit
  • Stable at very high frequencies
  • Very easy to program and simple to use
  • Has a high frequency range
  • Features low noise and low distortion
  • Can use both mains power and an external



A very similar gadget used for transmission of signals from the studio to receivers is the STL IP Link. This device is similar to the others except that it broadcasts and transmits signals via the internet. It is , for that matter, suitable for online broadcasts of digital signals.

In addition to these essential telecommunication link devices, TEM company provides many other trendy options that are worth your attention. Through their online platform, you can have access to the devices. TEM company provides more than link devices since they also offer quality, convenient, value for your money and the most appropriate customer support services to their customers across the world.

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