TEM Transmitters and LD-MOS Technology

fm transmitters ld-mos technology

LD-MOS technology is a technical term meaning laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor. The technology has been adopted by an Italian leader in manufacture of telecommunication equipment, TEM (Telecomunicazioni Elettroniche Milano).

The FM transmitters manufactured by TEM through ld-mos technology meet all broadcast needs that anyone can desire to acquire. This is evidenced through the combination of high reliability, audio quality, lowest energy consumption and ultra-high efficiency. Their ld-mos technology is available from 50W to 40KW.




The various types of transmitters available include:

Opera plus FM transmitters

Any organization or media firm in the market for high quality equipment, then products from TEM Company should be the only option. Opera Plus FM Transmitter belongs to the Ecoline series, one that is very reliable, characterized by minimal energy consumption and high efficiency. 

This new series comes with a compact design. This is quite advantageous because it saves on space at the transmission site and also cuts the cost of the equipment. Embeds in the opera FM transmitter eliminate most external equipment. Other accessories embedded onto the Opera Plus Transmitter are Remote Control facilities, RDS encoder, automatic audio changeover, Stereo encoder and Timer for power reduction.

Another key feature in Opera Plus FM transmitters is the balanced audio and unbalanced SCA/MPX inputs. The unbalanced SCA/MPX inputs can as well be used to feed other subcarriers or the transmitter with RDS.

A wide range of input AC-DC power is used by the Opera Plus FM Transmitters. Protection of the power supplies against over temperature, overload, short circuit and over-voltage is an integral feature of these transmitters.

All RF power levels are covered by the Opera Plus FM Transmitters. Every level category between 50W and 30kw is configured in various forms such as N+1, Stand Alone, Dual Driver, and 1+1.


Blue Star Plus Transmitters

This family of transmitters uses the 6th generation of LD-MOS technology amplifiers. They are fully equipped with a digital modulator resulting in high signal performance and quality. These features are quite innovative. Some of such features include; I/O parallel board, 2*MPX, automatic audio feeder switch, L/R, RS-232 and AES-EBU 192 KHz power inputs.

High Power transmitters  

This series is known for its compact rack configurations. Most of its functions are in-built and this results in reduction of space requirements and the additional cost of external equipment. They are commonly manufactured in 10KW and 15KW FM transmitters.

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